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The history of Dutch Convenience Meat goes back in time more than 160 years. Our company can rightfully call herself an authority in the field of meat processing in Europe and far beyond.

Started in 1858 as a butcher's shop, 
Dutch Convenience Meat grew out to a worldplayer in the import and export of meat and fresh prepared meat products.


Dutch Convenience Meat supplies its customization and quality products to various restaurant chains, wholesalers and distribution centres. On request Dutch Convenience Meat delivers even under private label for supermarket chains.

Dutch Convenience Meat chooses for extremely fresh. Therefor we don't have stocks, but we deliver within 3 weeks any minimum- and maximum quantity orders on request.



Dutch Convenience Meat serve her customers optimally. In doing so Dutch Convenience Meat customize it's delivery depending on your available kitchen equipment. Dutch Convenience Meat offers customization. We are happy to accommodate your needs.


Dutch Convenience Meat offers its quality products Portion controlled. And with Portion controlled we distinguish ourselves in the market.

The benefits of Portion controlled for you as a customer:

  • because we offer ready made portions, we save a major loss. Waste of teel decay/waste are reduced to a minimum

  • a crystal clear calculation with clearly insightful gross-profit margins

  • your own staff can focus on their core business while Dutch Convenience Meat offers you ready made food supplies

Below are some examples from our extensive delivery range.

Various recipes spare ribs, such as:

  • Full Racks

  • Portion controlled racks (500 gr) with or without BBQ sauce

  • Handy-Ribs

  • Single Ribs (tapas)

But we go much further than just ribs. Dutch Convenience Meat is also your partner for:

  • Beef Fajita

  • Pulled Pork (400 gr portions)

  • Ready To Pull Pork

  • Pulled Beef (400 gr portions)

  • Beef Brisket (450-500 gr)

  • Short Ribs (ca 350 gr)

  • Slow cooked Oerham (250-300 gr)

  • Osso Buco

  • Chimichurry Chicken Drumstick

  • Chipotle Chicken Legs

All our products are cut to the specific wishes of our customers, made to measure and made to taste.

For much of our customers we processed our products Sous-vide.
With the right numbers
IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) is a good option. Also with this specific technology Dutch Convenience Food differentiates itself in the market.




Ofcourse, Dutch Convenience Meat has its own Research & Development Department. Dutch Convenience Meat does all they can, to serve and respect all your wants, needs and/or requirements. Dutch Convenience Meat literally likes to take a look in your kitchen, so we know what equipment is available. With that knowledge we provide and select the right products en specialties for you. Now that's customization!


Dutch Convenience Meat is certified to the FSSC 22000 standard. This FSSC 22000 standard was developed by the Food Safety (SCV) and is the first global standard for the food industry. The standard has been approved by GFSI and gives an opportunity to realize international harmonization in the expansion of food safety standards.



Dutch Convenience Meat
Ringweg 18,

6045 JL Roermond

The Netherlands

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Tel: + 31 475 35 02 11

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